• Aims

The D.O. Manchuela aims to achieve the following goals:


A. Provide an economic, social and cultural boost for the wines brought together under the Manchuela D.O.

B. To defend the interests of the wine growers, cooperatives, wineries and bottlers.

C. To act as a core for convergence and discussion for private individuals, organisations, and agents concerned about development of the Manchuela DO.

D. To sensitise the local, regional and state authorities, as well as the institutions from the European Union in order to take full advantage of the area’s endogenous resources with a view to developing viticulture and oenology in the region.

E. Provide a service for associates as a reception and distribution hub for all information related to the development of winemaking culture in the region, focussing efforts on awareness at all times of existing Aids, Resources and Projects that could possibly be handled by the Association or its associates.

F. To guarantee implementation of the priority projects selected in the future development plans.

G. Protection policy through a DO, aimed at achieving legislation in the short term.

H. To make it possible for associates to exchange experiences and organise training courses they deem necessary.

I. To act as an advisory body and guidance service to ensure compliance with the legislation in force with regard to the opening and setting up of new plantations, bottling companies and wineries, with special emphasis on bringing young people into this productive sector.

J. To ensure a schedule for wine production and be able to adapt it to the demand as far as quality and quantity are concerned.

K. To increase the amount on offer and marketing of the wine production of all members of this Association of wine producers.

L. Reduce production costs and stabilise production prices.

M. To encourage the use of growing methods, production techniques and waste management techniques that are environmentally friendly in order to safeguard the quality of the water, the soil and landscape, as well as to conserve and increase the biodiversity.

N. To provide members with the necessary technical assistance for using growing methods that are compatible with the environment.

O. To take care of the prestige, promote the Manchuela DO and to report, if necessary, any misuse of such to the appropriate administrative bodies.

P. To research into production and marketing systems and disseminate their findings and uses. To provide assessment for companies who apply for it, and for the Authorities.

Q. To draw up and submit the specifications or production standards of the Manchuela DO to the competent authority, as well as any possible modifications.

R. To promote and inform consumers about the quality characteristics of the products.

S. To carry out marketing activities.

T. To prepare statistics on production, growing and marketing of the endorsed products and any other information applied for, which will be presented to the competent DG dealing with agri-food issues to disseminate them and make them known publicly.

U. To collaborate with the competent authority to deal with the corresponding registries of the D.O. Manchuela, where all the agri-food operators will be registered, as well as their resources and facilities.

V. To manage the compulsory fees that are established by legislation about quality for funding the management body.

W. To collaborate with the competent authorities, particularly with regard to maintenance of the official public records, as well as with the supervisory bodies.

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